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​Universal Geominerals Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Misi Lumayan Sdn Bhd – Founded in 2010) also known in short form as UGM. UGM is formed by a team of passionate and professional chemist and geologists who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of geological exploration, mineral laboratory testing as well as laboratory setup.

​Dedicated to offer its clients a comprehensive analytical service, UGM is one of the supplier of analytical services to the mining industry, manufacturing industry, semi-finished products industry, research institution, agricultural industry, environment industry, government institutions, academic institutions, mineral production industry, jewels industry, schedule waste industry, sludge industry, fuel oil and energy industry, Biomass industry, recycle industry and mineral trader industry.

UGMs’ team have a broad range of geological experience, knowledge and expertise. We will assist you to run the project from early stage exploration to geophysical survey, drill plan, mine planning and schedule, geochemistry analysis as well as minerals sample analysis. Our team comprises geological consultants, project and logistics managers, laboratory team and savvy technical personnel with experience spanning the mining cycle.

We are passionate about our work and committed to delivering customer-oriented experiences. We will continue to work beyond your expectation. ​

Our Company

UGM is divided into 3 main divisions, namely Geological and Exploration Services division, Mineral Lab Testing Services division as well as laboratory setup and management division.

In our Geological and Exploration Services division, we offer a complete end-to-end exploration service specifically tailored to the client’s needs which consists of geochemical testing, resource calculations and technical reports, geometallurgy, scoping studies and flowsheet development, piloting and environmental services, etc. Our geological solutions range from grass-roots exploration to advanced resource definition drill-outs. This includes data compilations & reviews, target generation, program design and planning, budgeting, drill supervision, logistics, project management and implementation. We have a professional team of experienced personnel that are up to speed with latest geophysical and geochemical techniques who you can trust to provide transparent and unbiased support.

For mineral laboratory testing service, we emphasise on the importance of latest technology and methodologies as well as our well-trained expert staff with in-depth knowledge of their fields. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet your particular requirements and our consultants shall be able to advise what is best for you. In our mineral lab, data management is key to mineral testing, we are adapting the latest computer application to manage laboratory data to ensure the traceability of operations carried out for each sample, management of analytical operations and resources. A quality management system also has been implemented in the laboratory, so that we may demonstrate our compliance through independent accreditations.

​​We can analyse for diversified sample range from ferrous samples, non-ferrous sample, soil, fertilizer, stainless steel, sludge, zinc dust, metal dust, metal sludge, metal waste, recycle metal, titanium ore, cement, clinker, clay, zinc ore, antimony ore, tin ore, manganese ore, gypsum, limestone, coal, biomass, calcined-limestone, bauxite, iron ore, lead ore, soil, gold, copper ore, sand stone, silica sand, silica quartz, ferro silicon, ferromanganese, ferro chrome, wood pellet. Apart from that, we can perform interlaboratory witness of the unique sample for any dispute as third parties to ensure they analyze according to the procedures and repeated as per findings results.

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We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in design, build, supplies of lab equipment, installation of lab equipment, commissioning and operation of onsite minerals laboratories. Apart from that, you may also appoint us to take over the management and operations of your laboratory, to allow you to focus on your core business activity while letting us to assist your operations. We have a team of analytical specialists working in our cutting-edge laboratory which are equipped with latest laboratory facilities. You may reduce your staffing requirements and budgeting as you need not invest in laboratory equipment and specific laboratory software. Otherwise, we may also assist you to set up your own laboratory as per recognize standards. We will provide necessary training for testing, design the laboratory plan as well as to suggest the equipment and software to be used in your personal laboratory.

We will assist to operate client’s laboratory as an independent stand-alone division from your business as an independent testing laboratory at client’s premise to manage and operate laboratory operation as one of our lab management service. An independent lab provides a more reliable result to your valuable customer that minimized human bias, lab operation issue, testing issue, day to day purchasing issue and ethics integrity issue to any parties as independent onsite lab hold the higher integrity of the lab results.
The correct method applies to the sample and quality control of result is our priority to produce accurate results. The sample is handled by a group of experts that undergo proper training and competent to run and analyse customer sample. We practising ISO 17025 procedures in handling all Lab samples deliver to our lab accordingly.

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Our Mission

At Universal Geominerals Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to providing timely, impartial analytics to our clients while conducting business in an ethical and professional manner. We also strive to empower civic responsibility through community action.

Our Vision

We aimed to be recognized internationally as a laboratory providing world-class scientific services while continuously improve our core competencies in geological survey, laboratory testing and laboratory setup & management that pave our pathway to leading the industry.
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